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Athena Wheaton is a video editor, animator, and digital artist with a passion for rhythm and visual language. She specializes in editorial for short-form content like music videos, trailers, promos, documentaries/featurettes, and narrative shorts. Her editing approach is informed by a lifetime of musicianship, visual art, and dance.

Athena is currently the Creative Director of Post Production for the band Pomplamoose.

You can see her work for Pomplamoose here.

Her creative pursuits extend beyond moving image media. She spent her undergraduate years as an alto in the Yale Women's Slavic Chorus, spending the last two years as Business Manager and Musical Director, respectively. In 2017, she recorded and produced an album for the group, which you can listen to here. Her hobbies include knitting, crochet, plant parenthood, and playing the cello and bass guitar.

Athena graduated from Yale University in 2018, earning a B.A. in Art with a filmmaking concentration. She now lives in Oakland, CA where she works as a video editor.

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